I have forgotten my password.
No problem. Just enter your email address on the login page and click on “Forgotten password”. We will then send you a link so you can create a new password.
What qualifications do the interpreters provided by dolmX have?
Our interpreters are native speakers of one of the two languages into which they interpret and have at least a B2 level of proficiency in the other language. In addition, our interpreters have either a degree in interpreting, the INTERPRET certificate or the Federal Certificate of Intercultural Interpreting, or professional experience as an interpreter. Our interpreters are specially trained in video interpreting.
I need an interpreter right now. Can you help?
In order to find a suitable interpreter for you, we also ask for 30 minutes’ notice for spontaneous assignments in order to guarantee availability.
Which languages does dolmX offer?
We have a large pool of interpreters who interpret into and from all of the official Swiss languages. We currently offer interpreting from all of the official Swiss languages into a total of 20 languages, and we are also in the process of expanding this offer.
How does the invoicing process work?
Invoicing takes places simply by credit card. All assignments booked by your employees are debited via the credit card provided. You or one of your employees with administrator rights authorizes the payment method, after which payment is automatic. When you receive a new interpreting assignment, you will see a cost estimate, and after the assignment is over, the minute-by-minute invoice. In your dashboard, you can then directly download a payment receipt for your accounts.
Can I pay by invoice?
At the moment we can only offer payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc). We will soon offer more payment options.
Will I receive an invoice?
Yes. At the end of each month, you can download a statement of all assignments booked by your employees and paid for from dolmX. In addition, a payment receipt is available for download immediately after each video appointment. Payment is made automatically via your stored payment method.
What equipment do I need?
You need a computer, laptop or tablet with a stable Internet connection. You will also need a webcam, microphone and speaker, but the features available on your device will often be sufficient. Make sure that the speaker is loud enough so that you and the person you are speaking to can properly understand the interpreter.
What do I need to keep in mind when the interpreting assignment starts?
Please make sure that you are ready to start straight away by ensuring that you and the other speaker are both in shot of the camera of your laptop or tablet. If this is not possible, position your device so that the other speaker at least is fully in shot of the camera. Make sure that you and the other speaker have a clear view of the screen and can see the interpreter properly. The microphone of your device must not be covered. Once the conversation starts, briefly introduce the other speaker and give the interpreter time to introduce themselves as well. Explain to the other speaker that the interpreter is bound by a duty of confidentiality. Speak loudly and clearly. If you need to discuss documents, you can send them to the interpreter via the chat the function. In this case, please allow the interpreter adequate time to look at the documents properly before you continue with the conversation. If you are new to dolmX, we offer a training session where you can learn all about best practices for video interpreting. A guide and checklist are also available in the login area.
My connection has frozen. What should I do?
If your connection freezes, the interpreter will receive a message and the video call will remain open for five minutes. In most cases, this is enough time to re-establish the connection. No costs are incurred while the connection is frozen.
My interpreter has not shown up for the assignment.
Please accept our apologies. Kindly wait at least seven minutes for the interpreter. We will contact the interpreter and block them from the dolmX platform in the event of repeated issues. Naturally, you may book a new interpreter immediately.
I would like to interpret for dolmX. What do I have to do?
Please go to https://dolmx.ch/register/interpreter to register with dolmX. Your application will be reviewed by dolmX and you will receive a message notifying you of your first video assignment. The reviewing normally takes a maximum of three business days. The more you tell us about your qualifications when you register, the faster we can grant you access to the dolmX platform.
Why do I need to upload my bank details and ID to Stripe?
Stripe is a payment provider we work with. This makes it possible for you to get paid quickly and automatically after each assignment. By verifying your personal information with Stripe, we can ensure that your fees are deposited safely and quickly into your account.
How does the payment process work?
At the end of your interpreting session, dolmX will show you how much you have earned, minute by minute. The amount will be paid to your Stripe account within three to five business days without you having to do anything.
Do I need to send an invoice?
No. dolmX automatically creates a credit note for you in PDF format at the end of each assignment with a detailed description of services. You can download this document for your accounts. There is no need to send dolmX a separate invoice.
How much will dolmX pay me?
You earn a fixed minimum amount of at least CHF 20 for the first 15 minutes. After that, you will be paid by the minute, bringing your hourly rate to over CHF 70. Depending on the qualifications you already have in interpreting, rates may be higher.
Will I earn more if I already have experience and training?
Yes, if you have higher qualifications you will receive higher rates from dolmX.
What do I need for video interpreting?
For video interpreting, you should use a quiet room and keep the door closed. You will need a computer, laptop or tablet with a stable Internet connection. You will also need a microphone and headphones (we recommend a headset) as well as a webcam. dolmX offers regular training sessions in video interpreting, which are free of charge. We recommend that you attend at least one of these.
What happens if I cannot make it to an assignment at short notice?
You can cancel assignments in your dolmX login area. If you realize that you cannot make it to an assignment, please cancel as early as possible. This will give us a chance to find another interpreter for the client. Cancellations at short notice should happen in exceptional cases only.
What should I do if the connection freezes?
If the connection freezes, the client will receive a message and the video call will remain open for five minutes. In most cases, this is enough time to either reconnect or call from another device. If the other speaker’s connection freezes, please also allow them five minutes to reconnect. If after five minutes both parties are not back on the call, the call will be automatically terminated.
I am here, but the client is not.
Please wait 15 minutes for the client. If they still do not appear, you will of course still receive payment for the time booked.
Can dolmX finance my training?
We are aware that training to become an interpreter is expensive. That is why helping you finance further training opportunities is important to us. We are currently working closely with various interest groups so we can eventually help you with your training and further education.
Can I get a full-time job as an interpreter at dolmX?
You are welcome to register with dolmX as a freelancer or self-employed person. We are not currently offering any in-house positions as interpreters.
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