The dolmX team
Team member Anja Managing Director
Team member Lukas Co-founder
Team member Mark Co-founder
Team member Matthias Co-founder
Team member Patrik trifact AG (dolmX partner)
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Why dolmX?

We are a team specialized in language services and web design. At dolmX we aim to:

  • reduce administrative and bureaucratic steps when it comes to providing community interpreting
  • increase the availability of community interpreters in the public sector
  • make interpreting for the Swiss authorities viable in the future
  • radically simplify booking and invoicing of interpreting assignments through a modern, automated processing system
  • provide reliable video technology specifically tailored to community interpreting, without downloads or third-party tools
  • enable increasing numbers of people to access public services by breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers
Our interpreters

Community interpreters know that flawless communication between different languages requires more than just replacing words. At dolmX you will find:

  • a community of trained community interpreters, most of whom are based in Switzerland
  • interpreters trained in video interpreting
  • community interpreting in spoken and sign languages
  • community interpreters with practical experience, education and training, and the required language proficiency (federal diploma, INTERPRET certificate)
  • specialized interpreters for every setting, including healthcare, education, social services, asylum seekers, legal, etc.
  • a quality management system that values your feedback
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